LiFi (Light Fidelity)

Techinal Lead


We have been using the Radio waves as the media of wireless data transmission. The amount of wireless data we are consuming is doubling each year. This is gradually leading towards the over saturation of space for radio frequencies known as spectral crunch.


LiFi is a technology to rescue the world from spectral crunch. LiFi uses the light-spectrum for high speed bi-directional data transfer. With LIFI we will be able to utilize 1000 times more spectrum than that of available spectrum of radio frequencies. LiFi uses the visible light to transmit the data. It works by switching the LEDs off and on at such a high speed. LiFi modulates the intensity of light, which is then received by a photo-sensitive detector present in the LiFi enabled devices. The device then demodulates the light signal into electronic form. This entire process is done in such a way that the human eye cannot see it.


  1.  High Bandwidth:

    LiFi supports high bandwidth then the current wireless media such as bluetooth and WiFi.

  2. No Electromagnetic interference:

    Since LiFi uses the light technology and not the radio wave for data transmission, the use of LiFi will not interfere with the radio waves used by the airplanes which makes it possible to use the high speed internet in the airplane.

  3. Security:

    Any person staying out of the luminance area of the LiFi enabled LED bulb will not be able to access the internet. This greatly prevents the “Man In The Middle” attack.

  4. Vehicle Safety:

    It will be possible for vehicles to communicate with the front and back light of the vehicle. This will help in increasing the road safety during the automatic driving of the vehicles.

  5. Efficiency

    Since LED bulbs are already used for lighting purpose, LiFi will add one more purpose to it, connectivity. It increases the reusability of the existing infrastructure and hence increase the efficiency.


  1.  Interference:

    Sunlight may interfere with the signals, resulting in interrupted Internet.

  2. Light Source

    Light Source is a compulsion to use the internet. Internet will be disturbed even with a simple object blocking the light from the source.

LiFi is the future of the wireless internet. Lets develop better products that make better use of this technology.