Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computers can be regarded as super computers of this age. The are incredibly powerful machines that process in totally new approach. These systems are build on the principles of quantum mechanics and they use complex and fascianting laws of nature that are always there but remained hidden. By exploting such natural physics, quantum computing can run new types of algorithms to process information. It may in future lead to revolutionary breakthroughs in research and discoveries.  Processing data's of complex type are made less time consuming which include data's from Artificial Intelligence or other research data. With such computing power, science has open door to new and exciting explorationg.

How does quantum computer work?

As all we know that classical computers user information in bits 0's and 1's. Each bit represented either on or off whereas quantum computers  are based on qubits, which are based on principle of quantum physics i.e. superposition and entanglement. According to this principle, each qubit can represent both a 1 and a 0 both  at the same time. Entanglement means that qubit in a superposition can be correlated with each other. Using these principles, a quantum computer can solve complex problems that are intractable using classical computers.

What can quantum computer do?

Quantum systems may untangle the complexity of molecular and chemical interactions leading to the discovery of new medicines and materials. They may enable ultra-efficient logistics and supply chains, such as optimizing fleet operations for deliveries during the holiday season. They may help us find new ways to model financial data and isolate key global risk factors to make better investments. And they may make facets of artificial intelligence such as machine learning much more powerful.

How do I get started with quantum computing?

IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems. As part of this effort, The IBM Q experience enables anyone to connect at no cost to one of IBM’s quantum processors via the IBM Cloud, to run algorithms and experiments, and to collaboratively explore what might be possible with quantum computing. Check out our User Guides and interactive Demos to learn more about quantum principles. Or, dive right in to create and run algorithms on real quantum computing hardware, using the Quantum Composer and QISKit software developer kit.

Image : www.pixabay.com

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