Does team work really matters ?

Basel Obied

Full-Stack Developer

In emerging technology and innovation, software development plays a enormous role. Software Development has a life cycle and we should follow its principles. One of the main factor in successful development of software is to work in team but it only works if the whole life cycle is followed through.

During Undergraduate in Software Engineering, our instructor assigned proposal data and deadline of internal project.Then all our fellows would become anxious what to do, how to do and who will be in our team. Even  we had a team we have a problem that what to do in project. Initially we gather among friends and generate innovative ideas. But the college research and development ask for simplicity due to lack of resources which is why we finalize our project in rush. Next day we meet again to discuss about main requirement of project. Spending more than hours in project plan, Software Diagram like Use case, System Sequence Diagram, Interaction diagram, Collaboration Diagram, etc. All tasks are visualized during discussions and then tasks are splitted randomly whatever we want. Some take challenging task and some make themself easy. Everyday we spend hours to discuss project progress and problems faced while doing tasks. Somehow according to project plan we deploy our project and we get reward according to weightage of project.

After graduation our journey begins in world of inception. Here everything is divergent in sense that everyone came with different innovative ideas, we have prodigious team with massive amount of knowledge in different subject. Although it take some time to know each and  collaborate among team but that doesn’t really matter. All believes would get difficult to start with huge team because work and pressure would be overloaded to handle.We have a front end-designer, mobile developer, quality engineer and back-end developer and all individual have their own capability that it become to easy to handle any situation. When project gets initiated management team starts to study feasibility of project, along with project proposal and its presentation to satisfy client about plan and deadline of project. Parallely there are discussions among the team to capture requirement of project. All team members provide their own thought and designer roughly capture all in a sheet and prepare diagram to display workflow of project. Back-end developer discuss among each other for project plan, project architecture and project diagram and pass them to designer to show them in attractive way. During these period mobile developer prepare screen for project and add dummy data to give prototype to client how this project will look like in mobile. There will be continuous feedbacks from the client and at other side mobile developers and back-end developers  collaborate each other to discuss about plan how to integrate each other. It takes a lot of time to integrate each as lot of issues and errors arises. When all work gets fine then quality engineer test all the backend and mobile app. Locally project is tested and all issues are solved and then all the data are migrated in  production server  to deploy to client in better and experience way. Issue received to developer keeps in his own file and fix that issue in next iteration. In Software Development, it has its own Software Development Life Cycle so we need to follow all the iteration to deploy our project to client completely. All team feels pressure equally and all love to work on pressure in our team. This is how teamwork works.

What is the difference?

At past there is no any management team to manage our work randomly we choose easy task and somehow finish our project, but here everyone has their own responsibility and they are happy to take responsibility in any condition. Any issues aries first management team along with developer discuss about issue before taking any action and with discussion simply issues is solved. I love to work with this team and i recognize myself what my capabilities when i came to world of inception.