How to build a clean website ?
Building websites means to attract the customers towards the product. It means website makes an easy way to know about the company and their products. User generally lands on the website through various search engines. If the website has bad design, is difficult to surf or is difficult to read and understand, the user might close the site immediately. That’s the reason why website should be clean, clear, attractive and easy to use. So, we should focus on making “The Clean Website” and not only “The Website”.

What makes website clean?
Beautiful images, non intrusive page layouts, alignment choices, and stylistic fonts and colors all work together to make clean and attractive website and build viewer trust towards the company. This trust acts like fuel to lead the company and can eventually bring more customers to your business. The most effective modern website designs actually make use of open space and simple organization to connect with visitors. Every single component of the website should be carefully considered: word spacing, graphics, color elements, layout and so on. Information on your website should flow smoothly and reach your visitors with ease.

Clean Layout
Creating clean website means to manage content perfectly. The grid layout is known for its consistency in allowing access to all website contents. In any web layout, consistency is a very important element. If the layout is good, clean and responsive, we can easily read on any devices. For clean website design layout is the most important factor. Your site depends on your site layout, if contents are managed perfectly then your site automatically seems clean and beautiful.

Use of Icons
Use of icon is another best way to make your site clean and attractive. Icon can replace so many words and lines, it helps to make site short, simple and clear. Icons can replace images also. Icon is easy to use for user than text and images so that it’s user friendly. For clean website design icon is also very important.

Use of space
Use of space is another most important factor for making clean website. Perfect use of space makes the website clean and easy to understand. Nowadays all designers use large space and large fonts to make good looking sites. Gap between text and images should be perfect, otherwise site looks ugly and difficult to read and understand. So that use of space is most important.

Your website font should be simple and easy to read. Font selection is the most important factor for a good website design. If font is simple and clean, the user can easily read and understand about content. Font size also should be perfect, if font size is too small or large, that creates complexities for users to read the content. So that font should be simple, clean and size should be perfect to make site clean and attractive.

While making website you need to make effective color scheme choices. Your color combination should be easy to understand for visitors. For the clean website designer, they should limit the bold color and use the light color. Before making website, designer should know about the company. For example: what type of company is it, what is their main purpose and what is their brand color. Mostly hospital’s and school’s website colors are blue because blue color represents trust. That’s why the choice of color is another important tool for good design. Too many colors in one website can take a visitor’s eyes away from where you want them to go and ruin the smooth flow of your website. Avoid using gradients, distracting textures or patterns they make text difficult to read.

Clean Navigation
Website navigation in many ways holds the key for engaging website traffic. A clear navigation is a winning factor for any website which helps the user to reach their goal. Navigation should be easy for users. Navigation should be clickable on every device. Links should be categorized perfectly and search button should be placed on the navbar to make user easy to find anything about the site.

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