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There is a huge demand for software development around the world, and has been increasing worldwide by 23% over the past 3 years. In the USA alone, there is a requirement of finding 1.5 million developers to work on American based projects for the year of 2021. The Middle East has been slowly catching up and has witnessed a positive growth of 15% year on year. 

In the past years, some companies disrupted the market with great innovations like Air BnB, which is the largest hotel system without even owning one single hotel, or Up Work, which is the largest freelancer platform in the world without having a single employed freelancer.

NETALENTS is a growing software development platform and hub, connecting Talents with Employers and Talents Seekers. Talents with diverse backgrounds and experience, ranging from a Software Engineers, Programmers, Interfaces Designers, Project Managers, to Solution Architects, to help fill in the gap of developing, designing, and maintaining software streams in the best possible and functional way ever by simply linking everyone into every detail operationally and financially under one centralized system.