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Doctor ME is the first online marketplace and healthcare service in the region. It will break the information barrier between doctors and patients, bring revolutionary changes to the healthcare industry. Doctor Me enables the users to search for healthcare services based on the geolocation, rate and review the service afterward. Any UAE resident or visitor is able to search for hospital, clinic or doctor based around them, as well as find a solution for the special need. Doctor ME also enables the UAE residents to connect the insurance policy with their account and allows the user to save the prescription and documents in the Health Wallet.





Virtual Network

The future of Virtual Systems and Realities in Social Media is just around the corner. With the increase of ‘Shares, Comments, and Reviews’, getting information and recommendations is becoming easier by the second.
We at Inception have brought the future closer and built just the right App for it! Using latest technologies and innovations, ‘Here I Am’ uses an optimized system to link people to one another via our phone’s built-in location services. Through the Camera, you are now able to view people’s comments and reviews and stay up to date with the latest news.
All you need to do, is open your Camera, make a 360 Tour, and look at the posts which individuals have written about specific locations. Simple!
Interested to join us in this new Digital venture? Get in touch with us to find out more.












Hotel Management system
INCEPTION innovated, developed and designed a system for Hotels to unify all Hotel Services under one platform inside and outside the hotel rooms

The main key factor here is to reduce the amount of manpower and convert it to a smart system to be faster and more accurate in every single action in hotel services. By giving the Hotel Management a tool and system which offers a variety of numerous customer service data analysis to increase the control every service related to the business and functionality of the hotel.